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A Haiti Anthology: Libète - Haitian Book Centre - Haitian Books in Creole, English and French, francophone litterature - Cliquer pour agrandir A Haiti Anthology: Libète, edited by Charles Arthur and Michael Dash, mixes contributions from anthropologists, historians, and novelists. It is arranged thematically, with ten chapters covering a wide range of historical and contemporary issues. Each chapter contains an introductory essay, extracts from differing authors, and full bibliographical information. There are over 180 extracts, including work translated for the first time from Haitian Creole and French, as well as excerpts from such authors as C.L.R. James, Alejo Carpentier, P.J. O'Rourke, Edwidge Danticat, and Langston Hughes.



Chapter One - Colonialism and Revolution

1. The Tainos: The Voyage of Christopher Columbus - John Cummins
2. Forced Conversion: King Ferdinand's letter to the Tainos - King Ferdinand of Castille
3. Colonisation: Les Racines du sous-développement en Haïti - Benoît Joachim
4. The Buccaneers: La Nation haïtenne - Dantés Belegarde
5. Cut of Africa: The Drum and the Hoe - Harold Courlander
6. Slaves and Profitability: The Black Jacobins - CLR James
7. Torture: Notes à M. le Baron V.P. Malouet - Baron de Vastey
8. The Maroons: Marronage in the French Caribbean - Gabriel Debien
9. Poison: The Kingdom of This World - Alejo Carpentier
10. The Field Slaves: The Making of Haiti: the Saint-Dorningue Revolution from Below -Carolyn Fick
11. White Society: A Civilization that Perished: the Last Years of White Colonial Rule -Moreau de Saint-Méry
12. The 'Pigmentocracy': Racial Categories: Description de la partie française de l'lle de Saint-Domingue - Moreau de Saint-Méry
13. Boukman's Ceremony: Histoire de Toussaint L'ouverture - Pauléus Sannon
14. The Uprising: Black Liberator - Stéphen Alexis
15. British Graveyard: The British Army and the Slave Revolt - David Geggus
16. Military Strategy: Letter to Laveaux - Toussaint Louverture
17. Slave Turned General: Toussaint Louverture: Haiti's Tragic Hero - René Depestre
18. Dessalines: Thank You Dessalines - Félix Morisseau-Leroy
19. Birth of Haiti: Declaration of Independence - Boisrond Tonnerre

Chapter Two - The Status Quo: Elites, Soldiers and Dictators

1. Land and Colour: From Dessalines to Duvalier - David Nicholls
2. Christophe's Kingdom: Brief Notices of Hayti - John Candler
3. Taxing the Peasantry: Haiti's Nightmare and the Lessons of History - Michel-Rolph Trouillot
4. Ephemeral Presidencies: Heads of State - Various Sources
5. Divided Elite: Hayti or the Black Republic - Spencer St John
6. Rise of the Military: Haiti: State against Nation - Michel-Rolph Trouillot
7. Coup-Mongers: The Vortex Family - Jean Métellus
8. Banking on Terror: The Nightmare Republic - Graham Greene
9. Taming the Vatican: Il était un fois... François Duvalier - Jean-Claudiste National Action Committee
10. Baby Doc and Repression: Les Cachots des Duvalier - Marc Romulus
11. Blood Money: Haiti: the Duvaliers and Their Legacy - Elizabeth Abbott
12. Election Day Massacre: Papa Doc, Baby Doc - James Ferguson
13. Unnatural Justice: No Greater Priority: Judicial Reform in Haiti -National Coalition for Haitian Refugees
14. The Smuggling Industry: The Military and Society in Haiti - Michel Laguerre
15. The View From Above: The Rainy Season - Amy Wilentz
16. Traditional Oligarchy and New Entrepreneurs: An Interview with Ben Dupuy, Aristide's Ambassador-at-Large - Catherine Orenstein
17. Enemies of Reform: Haiti in the New World Order - Alex Dupuy
18. Aristide's Overthrow: Aristide: an Autobiography - Jean-Bertrand Aristide
19. Human Rights Under Fire: Resistance and Democracy - Platform of Haitian Human Rights Organisations
20. The Powerful Few: Haiti's Family Affairs - James Ridgeway

Chapter Three - Rural Haiti: Peasants, Land and the Environment
1. Rural Isolation: The Magic Island - William Seabrook
2. Working Together: The Drum and the Hoe - Harold Courlander
3. The Peasant Farmer's Year: Making a Living in the Marbial Valley - Alfred Métraux
4. Women's Work: Haïti et ses femmes - Madeleine Sylvain Bouchereau
5. The Rural Market: Bulletin météorologique du College Saint-Martial - P. Baltenweck
6. Haiti's Higglers: Markets in Haiti - Sidney Mintz
7. Coffee and Conflict: Commune of Borgne - Haiti Info
8. A Coffee Port: An Aroma of Coffee - Dany Laferrière
9. Law of the Land: Haitian Peasant Economy - George Eaton Simpson
10. Land and Politics: San kontinye ap koule nan Latibonit - Libète
11. Smaller and Poorer: Coup d'oeil sur le passé - Georges Anglade
12. A History of Degradation: Causes de la dégradation de l'environnement en Haïti. -COHPEDA
13. Unnatural Disaster: Quelques donnees sur la réalité dramatique de l'environnement en Haïti - Federation des Amis de Ia Nature
14. Charcoal: the Last Resort: Interview with a Charcoal Maker - Leah Gordon and Anne Parisio
15. The Creole Pig Disaster: Swine Fever Ironies - Bernard Diederich
16. Resisting the Outside World: Underdevelopment in Haiti - Mats Lundahl
17. Ignoring the Experts: The Low Voice of Saint-Jules Clocy, A Haitian Farmer - Ideas and Action
18. Singing the Blues: Peyizan yo - Gwo Zago's gwoupman
19. Passive Victims or Agents of Change? The Rainy Season - Amy Wilentz

Chapter Four - Poverty and Urban Life

1. Under the Table: In the Parish of the Poor - Jean-Bertrand Aristide
2. The Rural Crisis: Famine and Food Aid - Haiti Briefing
3. Child Servants: Rèstavek: Four-Year-Old Child Servants - J.P. Slavin
4. Urban Chaos: All the Trouble in the World - P.J. O'Rourke
5. Life in Cité Soleil: Coup d'Etat and Contraceptives - Catherine Maternowska
6. Beyond Slums, More Slums: Haiti: the Taiwan of the Caribbean Breaks Away - Mike Kamber
7. Everyday Mysteries: A Place called Haiti - Amy Wilentz
8. Street Life: Urban Life in the Caribbean - Michel Laguerre
9. Mickey Mouse in Port-au-Prince: Living on the Edge of Misery - Charles Kernaghan
10. Beasts of Burden: The Bouretyes' Burden - Haiti Info
11. Surviving in the Informal Sector: Political Economy in Haiti - Simon Fass
12. Mean Streets: Street Children - Haiti lnfo
13. Sick Hospitals: General Hospital: Ante-Chamber of Death - Ives-Marie Chanel
14. The Health Crisis: Interview with Rose-Anne Auguste - Haiti Support Group
15. Aids and Misinformation: AIDS in Haiti - George Leonard
16. The Cost of Private Education: Equity and Quality in Private Education - Jamil Salmi
17. Promise for the Future: Comités de quartiers - Zacharie Louis and Fred Montas

Chapter Five - Forces for Change

1. The Piquets: Haiti in Caribbean Context - David Nicholls
2. The Steamroller: The Haitians: Class and Colour Politics - Lyonel Paquin
3. The Communists: Papa Doc and the Tontons Macoutes - Bernard Diederich and Al Burt
4. A History of Resistance: The Long Unknown Struggle of the Haitian People - Arnold Antonin
5. Grassroots Organising: The Peasantry and Political Change in Haiti - Robert Maguire
6. Radio Soleil: Father Hugo Triest Interview - Unda News
7. Cradle of Rebellion: Gonaïves; Symbole de la résistance - Haiti Progrès
8. The Fight for Land: The Milot Land Struggle - Haiti Info
9. Reformists and Revolutionaries: Up by the Roots - Greg Chamberlain
10. Political Resurrection: Jean-Bertrand Aristide - Press Conference
11. Uprooting the Old Order: Haiti's Popular Resistance - Marx-Vilaire Aristide and Laurie Richardson
12. Peasant Democracy: Interview with Tet Kole Ti Peyizan - Haiti Support Group
13. Popular Power: Press Release - Le Militant
14. Avalanche: The Aristide Factor - Leslie Griffiths
15. Confrontation: L'insurrection du 7 janvier 1991 - Laënnec Hurbon
16. Aristide in Power: Beyond the Mountains, More Mountains - EPICA/Voices for Haiti
17. Peasant Power: MPP Programmes Move Forward - The Peasant
18. Alternative Development: Interview with Camille Chalmers - New Internationalist
19. A Programme for Recovery: Structural Adjustment and the Aid Juggernaut in Haiti -Lisa McGowan
20. Anger in the Streets: Resurrection of the Popular Movement - Haïti Progrès

Chapter Six - Refugees and the Diaspora

1. A History Of Migration: Boat People - Félix Morisseau-Leroy
2. The Lure of Cuba: Haitian Migrants and Backyard Imperialsm - Brenda Gayle Plummer
3. The Massacre: Relations of Production in the Dominican Coffee Economy - Rénald Clérismé
4. Non-Citizens in the Dominican Republic: Beyond the Bateyes - National Coalition for Haitian Rights
5 . Life in the Bateyes: Bitter Sugar - Maurice Lemoine
6. Modern Slavery: Neo-slavery in the Cane Fields: Haitians in the Dominican Republic -Paul Latortue
7. The Bahamas Connection: One Haitian in the Hand and Two in the Bush - P. Anthony White
8. Welcome Workers: La Migration haïtienne en Guadeloupe, - Laënnec Hurbon
9. Poverty and Persecution: Aiding Migration: The Input of International Development Assistance - Josh DeWind and Darid Kinley
10. The View From Miami: Liberty - Magnum Band
11. Haitians and Cubans: Children of the Sea - Edwidge Danticat
12. Mass Exodus: The Great Escape - Haïti Progrès
13. Unhappy Returns: Life Still Hard After Aristide's Second Coming - Dan Coughlm
14. Facing Prejudice: Edwidge Danticat: Chronicling the Haitian-American Experience -Garry Pierre-Pierre
15. Haitians in Miami: Interview with Monsignor Thomas Wensky - Libète
16. Spiritual Links: Serving the Spirits across Two Seas - Elizabeth McAlister
17. Anger in Brooklyn: An Alienated and Angered Haitian-American Community Fights Back - James Ridgeway and Jean Jean-Pierre
18. Fugee Star: A Night with Wclef Jean and the Refugee All-Stars - Karin Joseph

Chapter Seven - Foreign Interventions

1. Condemned to Debt: Haïti: Perspectives - Jean Métellus
2. The 'Arab Invasion': Economic Dependence and Political Autonomy. The Haitian Experience - David Nicholls
3. The Corvée: Les Blancs débarquent - Roger Gaillard
4. Against the Yankees: Lettre - Charlemagne Péralte
5. Open for Business: L'occupation américane d'Haiti - Suzy Castor
6. A Country Being Killed: A Haitian View of the Occupation - Normil Sylvain
7. Undermining the Economy: L'espace rural haïtien - Ernest Bernardin
8. Aiding Dictatorship: The New Haitian Exodus - Alex Stepick
9. The American Plan: Haiti's Agricultural Production - Haiti Info
10. Saving Souls: Bonjour Blanc - Ian Thomson
11. Versions of Development: Haiti Held Hostage - Robert Maguire et at.
12. Funding the Transition: Low Intensity Democracy in Haiti - William Robinson
13. The CIA Payroll: Tous les 'nationalistes' agents de la CIA - Haïti en Marche
14. Paramilitary Allies: Our Man In FRAPH: Behind Haiti's Paramilitaries - Allan Nairn
15. The Real Coup-Mongers: Position of the Popular Organisations on the Country's Crisis -Fourteen Popular Organisations
16. Structural Adjustment: Aristide Agrees to Austerity - Allan Nairn
17. Welcome Invasion: The Significance of Haiti - Paul Farmer
18. Business as Usual: Democracy Restored? - Noam Chomsky
19. The Disarmament Issue: Haiti: Disarmament Derailed - Laurie Richardson
20. The Power of Culture: Haitian Culture: Basis for Development - Jean-Claude Martineau

Haitian Portraits Leah Gordon

Chapter Eight - Popular Religion and Culture
1. Black Magic: Histoire d'Haïti - Thomas Madiou
2. What is Vodou?: The Social History of Haitian Vodou - Sidney Mintz and Michel-Rolph Trouillot
3. World of Spirits: Voodoo: Truth and Fantasy - Laënnec Hurbon
4. Symbols and Signs: Lwa Chart - Various sources
5. Erzili Dantò: Tracing the Spirit - Karen McCarthy Brown
6. Zozo: Envoi: The Gedes and Bawon Samdi - Donald Cosentino
7. Spirit Possession: Voodoo - Alfred Métraux
8. Herbal Medicine: Spirits of the Night - Selden Rodman and Carole Cleaver
9. Secret Societies: Serving the Spirits: the Ritual Economy of Haitian Vodou - Karen McCarthy Brown
10. Vodou is a Religion: So Spoke the Uncle - Jean Price Mars
11. The Curse of Vodou: Vodoun and Politics in Haiti - Rémy Bastien
12. Political Missionaries: Beyond the Mountains, More Mountains - EPICA/Voices for Haiti
13. Haitian Painting: The Traveller's Tree - Patrick Leigh Fermor
14. Rara: Caribbean Revels - Gage AveriIl and Verna Gillis
15. Haitian Rhythms: Dances of Haiti - Katherine Dunham
16. Up for the Cup: The Man Who Beat Dino Zoff - Charles Arthur
17. Cock-Fighting: Black Haiti - Blair Niles
18. The Final Hope: Banking on Shit - Charles Arthur
19. The Oral Tradition: Riddles and Jokes - Various Sources
20. Tall Tales: Papa God and General Death - Diane Wolkstein
21. Proverbial Wisdom: Proverbs - Various Sources

Chapter Nine - Literature and Language

1. The Fallacy of Racial Superiority: De l'égalité des races humaines - Anténor Firmin
2. Folk Romanticism: Choucoune - Oswald Durand
3. Vodou Obsessions: Au gré du souvenir - Frédéric Marcelin
4. The Poetic Renaissance: Five Poems - Philippe Thoby-Marcelin, Carl Brouard, Leon Laleau, Emile Roumer
5. For a Folk Literature: so Spoke the Uncle - Jean Price Mars
6. Literature and ldeology: L'art au service du peuple - Carl Brouard
7. The Peasant Novel: Masters of the Dew - Jacquas Roumain
8. The Conquistadors Return: Les arbres musiciens - Jacques Stéphen Alexis
9. Defiance and Dread: Dezafi - Franketienne
10. A Dream of Revenge: Mémoire en colin-maillard - Anthony PheIps
11. Death and Resurrection: Cathedral of the August Heat - Pierre Clitandre
12. Papadocracy: The Festival of the Greasy Pole - René Depestre
13. Love and Murder: Amour colère, folie - Marie Chauvet
14. Real Nightmares: Breath, Eyes, Memory -Edwidge Danticat
15. A Primitive Writer: Pays sans chapeau - Dany Laferrière
16. The Impossible Return: Les urnes scellées - Emile Ollivier

Chapter Ten - The View From Abroad

1. Subversive Rites: A Civilization that Perished - Moreau de Saint-Méry
2. Heroic Toussaint: Toussaint Louverture - John Greenleaf Whittier
3. Authentic Ecstasy: The Magic Island - William Seabrook
4. A Darker World: White Shadows in a Black Land - Langston Hughes
5. Unreliable Haitians: Tell My Horse - Zora Neale Hurston
6. Rural Haiti: The Haitian Panorama - Pierre Mabile
7. Presence of the Caribbean: The Great Camouflage - Suzanne Césaire
8. Christophe's Suicide: The Kingdom of This World - Alejo Carpentier
9. Haitian Homecoming: The Comedians - Graham Greene
10. Vodou President Papa Doc and the Tontons Macoutes - Bernard Diederich and Al Burt
11. Singular Horror: The Serpent and the Rainbow - Wade Davis
12. Vigilante Justice: Beyond theMountains - Mark Danner
13. The View Beyond the Palace: The Rainy Season - Amy Wilentz
14. Haiti's Messiah: No Other Life - Brian Moore
15. The Haitian Other: Continental Drift - Russell Banks

Ayiti Demen - Jean-Claude Martineau


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